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Support for women in Angus

Angus is a large, rural area and survivors often find it hard to travel to our centre in Dundee. We have an Angus Outreach Support Worker who can support women, including trans women, nearer to their home.

Survivors from Angus can explore with the worker where would be the best place for them to meet for sessions.

We offer this service to women, including trans women, who have experienced rape, sexual abuse and/or exploitation at any point in their life. We can also provide some support to friends and family members, or workers who are supporting a survivor.

"Overall, I feel a release similar to a weight being lifted which I describe as a huge boulder I carried for decades of grief, sorrow, fear, tension and anger. I gradually saw the boulder disintegrate and disappear bringing a greater sense of peace, strength and immense gratitude for the expertise from (the worker) who gave me the opportunity to share my deepest and most painful experiences in a safe place with someone who listened intently." (Feedback from an Angus Survivor, 2019)

To request support please phone our support line on 01382 201291 and leave a message and someone will get back to you Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm. You can also email support@wrasac.org.uk.

“Once you recognize that post-traumatic reactions started off as efforts to save your life, you may gather the courage to face your inner music (or cacophony), but you will need help to do so. You have to find someone you can trust enough to accompany you, someone who can safely hold your feelings and help you listen to the painful messages from your emotional brain. You need a guide who is not afraid of your terror and who can safeguard the wholeness of you while you explore the fragmented experiences that you had to keep secret from yourself for so long. Most traumatized individuals need an anchor and a great deal of coaching to do this work.” Bessel Van der Kolk (2015) - The body keeps the score : mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma