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Updates to our services

We have made changes to our service delivery in order to reduce the time individuals have to wait to access support from us. We now offer 8 initial sessions, at the end of which an assessment is made to review the requirement for further support and how this can best be provided. This change means we currently have a very short waiting time to access this initial support.

As a result of the current pandemic, we have made changes to how we deliver support and currently only offer face to face support in exceptional circumstances. The majority of support provided is delivered remotely by phone or video and we do not envisage this changing in the near future. Feedback from those who have received support in this way is positive and engagement levels are high. Here is some of the feedback we have received that highlights the benefits of remote support:

“I’m in my own comfortable space at home and my Support Worker manages to create warmth – it’s almost like she is here with me. It has been easy to talk about intimate things.” (Support over Zoom, no face to face throughout)”

“It’s actually better for me this way. I’m someone who worries about how I look and reading body language. So much more relaxing way to get support.” (Support by telephone, has previously had face to face at WRASAC)”

Referrals to our service can still be made by phoning 01382 201291 or emailing support@wrasac.org.uk , if you require any further information about our service then please get in touch with us.

Activities by Zoom - helping survivors in the online world

Over the lockdown period WRASAC has been working on some new activities, workshops and groups for service-users who are receiving support or are on our waiting list. We can’t organise our usual groups face to face, and learning to do things differently has given us the opportunity to trial and add a few extra therapeutic activities to our repertoire.

Forrest Yoga has been helping our clients with the task of resolving trauma for many years. So, we were so pleased that Heart Space were able to organise exclusive classes for WRASAC by Zoom.

“It was so relaxing, fantastic and the instructor’s voice was calming and clear. Loved it”

“First half was very chilled and relaxing and in the second half I really liked being given options for how to get a deeper stretch if I wanted it, which I did, I could really feel it the next day”

Complementary therapies are a challenge when you are not present with the therapist. However, we have partnered with Lorna at Butterflybees to offer therapies and activities that don't involve ‘hands on’.

"I feel more confident with being able to approach people with communication. I like how you taught me to honour the feelings of anger, guilt and shame first, then once the heavy energy released I managed to reframe my internal language and felt much lighter."

"After an hour of EFT my anxiety levels were 0/10. It surprised how quickly it worked with me as at first I didn’t know if much would happen as it was so new to me."

We are also pleased that we have been able to help survivors meet with each other in our online Peer Support Group. The group runs in the evening to help those with work or caring commitments to attend. The group is facilitated by a worker, who can also help the technophobes amongst us get the hang of the 'techy' stuff. We want to break down technology barriers while we can't meet in person. And, post-Covid 19, we’ll be able to keep online support going where there is a demand. WRASAC covers a large geographical area and getting to a laptop or smartphone at home might be the way to get survivors together with support workers, therapists or other survivors.

“The Peer Support Group have been working to create a space where group members can take part in activities, socialise and support each other through the current restrictions. As the group facilitator it has been wonderful to watch the women support each other, and grow closer as a group. The group has talked through difficulties, laughed together, and explored ways they are coping.”

Vice Versa - Advice for women involved in Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Our Vice Versa Support Worker has compiled some specific advice for anyone involved in selling sex during the pandemic. For extra support or information please contact Jenna by email at info@viceversadundee.org.uk or use our Live Chat.

If you are struggling due to the Covid-19 crisis – please get in touch with Vice Versa direct. We also frequently post up to date information about local services and provisions on Facebook or Twitter.



COVID-19 Service Update

Remote Support

In response to the current situation with COVID- 19 and in response to the Government guidance, our office is temporarily closed for face to face support but to ensure we can continue to offer support to survivors we have utilised technology and can now offer remote support.

Continuing to work towards a world free from all forms of sexual violence


Our helpline is back, you can reach us on 01382 205 556 Monday - Thursday 10am - 4pm and on Wednesday evenings 7pm - 9pm

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Our online chat is now live on our website. It will be available 10am - 4pm Monday - Thursday and Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7pm - 9pm

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What to expect from support at DAYS

I’m Helen and I’m a support worker for young people. I’ve been here for nearly 2 years but I’ve been helping children and young people for... lots of years.

Welcome to my first blog which will look at how the support workers here at Dundee and Angus Young Survivors help young people. We work with children as young as 10, and young people to 18 years or so. That’s a big age range. This explanation could seem quite simplistic, or maybe complicated. It’s hard to write something that suits everyone. But when it comes to working with young people, we don’t treat everyone the same. We adapt to suit you.