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COVID-19 Service Update

Remote Support

In response to the current situation with COVID- 19 and in response to the Government guidance, our office is temporarily closed for face to face support but to ensure we can continue to offer support to survivors we have utilised technology and can now offer remote support.

Continuing to work towards a world free from all forms of sexual violence


Our helpline is back, you can reach us on 01382 205 556 Monday - Thursday 10am - 4pm and on Wednesday evenings 7pm - 9pm

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Our online chat is now live on our website. It will be available 10am - 4pm Monday - Thursday and Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7pm - 9pm

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You can also leave contact details on our answering machine - 01382 201 291

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What to expect from support at DAYS

I’m Helen and I’m a support worker for young people. I’ve been here for nearly 2 years but I’ve been helping children and young people for... lots of years.

Welcome to my first blog which will look at how the support workers here at Dundee and Angus Young Survivors help young people. We work with children as young as 10, and young people to 18 years or so. That’s a big age range. This explanation could seem quite simplistic, or maybe complicated. It’s hard to write something that suits everyone. But when it comes to working with young people, we don’t treat everyone the same. We adapt to suit you.

'Hidden' - Short Film Launched by WRASAC

Today is the International Day Against Prostitution. In order to show our support Vice Versa have launched its long awaited and thought provoking film ‘Hidden’.

The film shows the harrowing hard hitting dangers and harmful realities of woman involved in prostitution through real lived experiences of women. The film focuses on how vulnerable women suffer at the hands of men who see them and their bodies as commodities to be bought and sold and highlights the fact that this is not a ‘choice’ and that each woman has their own story often surrounded by trauma and violence.

Vice Versa promotes the health, rights and dignity of woman involved and strives to raise awareness in order to challenge the negative views surrounding woman involved in prostitution.

A Day in the Life of an Outreach Counselling Support Worker

When people ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them that I support women who have experienced rape and sexual abuse, they look at me and immediately say “goodness, that must be really hard”. And yes while moments of my day can be emotionally demanding, in truth I consider my job to be a privilege that leaves me feeling inspired and hopeful every single day.

WRASAC Submits Evidence to Drugs Commission

WRASAC - Dundee and Angus has submitted the following evidence to the Dundee Drugs Misuse Commission Call for Evidence.

We have highlighted the particular needs of women involved in prostitution. We hope that the findings will improve women's experiences of engaging in substance misuse services and also to help inform the shaping of support services that meet the specific needs of women involved in prostitution in the future.

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