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Group support

We have group support available for women, including trans women, who are using or have used our service. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive space where survivors of rape, sexual abuse and / or exploitation can work towards recovery, drawing on strength and support from other survivors who are coming to terms with similar issues.

Creative Group

We hold a fortnightly Creative Group at Thomas Herd House, Ward Road, Dundee, DD1 1LX. The creative group provides the survivors with a safe place to relax, work together, build new relationships and support networks. Additionally, through art, the survivors can express their feelings and emotions. This group helps to enable survivors to build self-confidence, self-esteem and feelings of well-being.

“Since I started going to the creative group – When I started I dreaded going – worried about being lots of people there. Now I look forward to going.”

“The WRASAC Creative group gives me 2 hours of fun, laughter, art and crafts, in the safe company of like-minded women. I can relax and not worry about all the stuff in my head.”

Pathways Group

This group is being set up to support survivors who are exiting the service. It is 10 week programme and is run 3 times a year. The workshops provide survivors with additional coping strategies and skill for when they leave the service. The workshops include:

  • Mental wellbeing/Relaxations techniques
  • Loneliness and Isolation
  • Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Assertiveness and Making choices
  • Healthy relationships/ healthy boundaries
  • Identifying your triggers
  • Information regarding community volunteer opportunities and college/courses learning opportunities

Other Groups

In addition to the above we run other group work programmes, including one off relaxation workshops. These groups are advertised within the centre.