Our support line 01382 201 291
Rape Crisis Scotland Helpline (6pm-12am) 08088 01 03 02
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Telephone support

You can call our helpline number 01382 201291 to leave a message and be called back by a trained Sexual Violence Support and Trauma worker.

There is no set opening hours for the helpline so you can leave a message at any time and our workers will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact Rape Crisis Scotland's national helpline on 08088 01 03 02 (open every day 6pm-midnight).

Our helpline service provides support for women, including trans women, young people of all genders (aged 11-18), who have experienced any form of sexual violence, abuse or exploitation in their lives.

It doesn’t matter if these experiences happened a long time ago or if they were reported to the police. You are under no obligation to disclose to us what has happened to you, we can work with you on the issues and symptoms you have as a result of your experiences.

You can also use the helpline if you are a friend or a family member of a woman who is a survivor of sexual violence. We can provide support and information to workers who have a service user or colleague who has disclosed experiences of sexual violence.

The call will cost the same as calling a local or national number for landline and mobile phones. We don’t record calls and we can’t see your number when you phone us. Our helpline is confidential which means that we won’t share your information with any other agencies unless you ask us to. The only exceptions to this is if you tell us that there is a child who is being harmed or if you tell us you are in the process of committing suicide. If you tell us there’s a child being harmed we will talk to our child protection officer and, if we know where the child is, we may contact a social worker. If you tell us you are in the process of committing suicide and we know where you are we will call an ambulance.

Please do not call our helpline in medical emergency. If you have a medical emergency please dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.