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Think safety

Exchanging sex for any form of payment will involve a level of risk, however we want to try to help you keep yourself out of danger as much as possible. The following information is given to help increase your awareness of the potential risks and hazards you might face.

However, if you are attacked or assaulted remember you are not to blame!

General Safety

  • Call 999 if in danger – even if you can’t speak. Put this on fast dial on phone
  • Carry personal alarm – we can provide you with one free of charge
  • Carry mobile phone and ensure its charged
  • Be aware of escape routes
  • Don’t let ‘punters’ block escape route - always sit nearest the door
  • Know the area you are in - if you don't then look for street signs or landmarks
  • Stay near a busy road
  • Shout to people for help if needed and address people directly eg “you in the red coat”
  • Be aware that drugs and alcohol can affect your ability to judge and manage risk
  • Tell someone where you are going and wave (or pretend to) them when you get in a car
  • Agree time when you will return and action plan if you don’t
  • If attacked you have right to report to police, or you can report this anonymously through Vice Versa or the UKNSWP Ugly Mugs Programme
  • Use condoms at all times, including for oral sex
  • Don’t carry a weapon – it could be used against you
  • Keep money out of sight

Safety with ‘Punters’

  • Keep your eye on punters hands always
  • Keep at least one arm free at all times
  • Don’t take drink, food or drugs from punters
  • You decide where to go
  • Be willing to refuse ‘punters’ and decide beforehand what you are and are not willing to do
  • Look for potential weapons in their car /bag / coat
  • Don’t go to a flat, even if you know the man – there may be others there – you may not be able to leave
  • Memorise details of where and who, eg shops, streets, tattoos, accents.
  • Report ‘dodgy punters’ to Vice Versa for info gathering for others – you can also get access to alerts of ‘dodgy punters’ from us
  • Beware of punters who are under the influence, as they may be more unpredictable

Safety in Own Home

  • It’s always dangerous to tell punters where you live
  • Don’t leave personal items in view
  • Move anything that could be used as a weapon
  • Have a plan ready in case a punter attacks you. Know the escape routes to a safe place in or outside the building
  • Stay nearest the door, never lock the door or ensure you know how to unlock the door quickly
  • Pretend there is someone else in another room
  • Use mirrors to always keep an eye on movement of punters when not in direct sight
  • Be clear about the services you are prepared to provide and your prices
  • Get money upfront and put the money somewhere apart from your other cash
  • Always take an alarm into the room with you
  • If you get scared or are attacked, try to keep calm and get out of the room to a safe place as quickly as you can
  • If a punter calls you in the morning and wants to make a booking towards the end of the day and asks how busy you’ve been, be wary. Tell anybody who asks that you’ve had a quiet day. You will be less of a target to rob

Safety In Punters’ Homes

  • Memorise layout of building for escape routes
  • Memorise how many floors up you are
  • Look for lights on in nearby houses
  • Pay attention to how the door closes and locks and where key is
  • Watch for concealed camera
  • Pay attention to property / layout décor so you can identify room
  • Have a look around flat, by making an excuse to go to the toilet

Safety In Hotels

  • Always meet for the first time in a public place, such as the hotel bar, especially if you haven’t been able to speak to him yourself before going
  • If you feel uncertain or have a bad feeling, leave immediately. Trust your instincts
  • Memorise the layout of the hotel and escape routes from the suite
  • Pretend to call someone letting them know you have arrived, giving the illusion someone knows where you are
  • Have an emergency contact saved on speed dial (Police)
  • Always take an alarm into the room with you
  • Ask to use the bathroom; this will give you a chance to get an idea of the layout
  • Note where the phone is, give the room a quick scan and try to file away details like pictures on the wall, décor, layout, furniture and any personal belongings the punter has left out, so you can identify the room if you need to
  • If you start to feel scared or are attacked, try to get to a busy public place as soon as you can

Safety in Brothel / Sauna

  • Arrange to get to and from flat safely
  • Beware of being followed
  • Watch punter at all times, using mirrors when not directly in view
  • Know who else is in the building and have a safety plan for when anyone is in danger

Safety Online

  • Consider carefully before sending pictures as these can be edited and re-used
  • Be aware that clients may have recording facilities on their computer
  • Be aware of putting personal details online
  • Be aware of privacy settings on social media
  • Be aware of facial recognition software to identity you through social media

For more information about safety online please go to our Click page.

Safety in cars

  • Keep your distance from car when approaching it
  • Make punters aware that you are taking registration
  • Don’t get in a car if more than one person in it – check for others low in the back seat
  • In 2-door cars insist on staying in the front
  • Keep window down in car
  • Don’t let the car be parked against wall so you can’t open the door
  • Don’t get in a van – you don’t know who’s in the back

Dressing for Safety

  • Put money given in a different place than other money so if he tries to take it back he won’t get it all
  • Don’t wear expensive looking jewellery
  • Don’t wear long earrings or necklaces that could be grabbed
  • Remove body piercings so they don’t tear
  • Don’t wear long skirts or coats that could be grabbed or caught in a car door
  • Don’t wear long scarves that could be used to choke you
  • Wear shoes you can run in
  • Keep as much clothing on as possible at all times
  • Don’t have sharp nails or jewellery that could tear condoms

And don’t forget that any abuse or violence you experience from punters is never your fault!