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Vice Versa

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Vice Versa Project provides practical and emotional support to adult women, including trans women, who have been involved, are currently involved or are at risk of being involved in Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE). Sometimes other names are used for this such as – prostitution, escorting or sex work. This can be in person, via phone or online.

Vice Versa Support is entirely led by the woman and her needs and priorities.

Vice Versa provides women with opportunities to increase safety and stabilisation and reduce harm, by empowering women to make positive and informed decisions.

We aim to support by addressing issues that can increase the risk of routes into involvement in selling sex and issues which create barriers to exiting such as housing and financial needs, substance use and alcohol issues, physical and mental health needs and providing safety advice.

Support includes 1:1 sessions in the centre, in a community setting or via outreach and in the future may include group work. We will also provide multi-agency support visits as and when appropriate.

We can provide women with condoms, lube, safety alarms, pregnancy tests and sanitary products – no questions asked. We are also a Take-Home Naloxone provider. We can also report violent buyers to Ugly Mugs.

Vice Versa can support women to engage with other services in order to advocate on their behalf to ensure their voices are being heard and needs are being met.

We do not tell women what to do, but we do walk alongside her.

If you are currently involved in selling sex, have been in the past or are at risk of becoming involved – please get in touch for non-judgemental support and advice.

If you are involved in selling sex – this link may provide you with some practical safety information. https://www.encompassnetwork.info/uploads/3/4/0/5/3405303/safety_planning.pdf

If you are from another area in Scotland – there is other specialist support available via the Encompass Network. https://www.encompassnetwork.info/

If you need access to free condoms via post - https://www.sexualhealthtayside.org/sexual-health-relationships/contraception/condoms-by-post-young-people/

If you are a woman experience violence in Dundee - https://www.dvawp.co.uk/adult-experiencing-VAW

If you have experienced rape or sexual assault recently - https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/sexual-health/help-after-rape-and-sexual-assault/

If you are a professional - https://www.dvawp.co.uk/professional